Coming home to yourself in the beauty of nature

In these 6 days you are invited to step into the world of the mountains. Being in the mountains is an experience in itself. You can experience the grandeur of nature, the beauty, the energy, the silence. All of that often already brings you closer to yourself, who you essentially are, what actually concerns you. If you add to that Yuan Gong exercises and a quiet walk, the 6 days becomes an intense total experience. And the whole can become not only a wonderful experience but also a new foundation for your life.

The Program

The program aims to bring you into a calm, relaxed,
connected and natural state. To this end, mainly
Yuan Gong exercises are used, a special form of Qigong.
In or right by our house we will do morning and late afternoon
or evening Yuan gong exercises. Along the way we will do simple
Yuan exercises along the way.
Experience with Yuan Gong is desired, especially to know a bit
what it entails. But if you are used to doing things
at the interface of body and mind, then you pick up Yuan Gong
easily even without any experience.

Each day there is a walking program, with 1 to 4 net walking hours.

These are interspersed with Yuan Gong exercises or other breaks.


We stay in a detached house at 1200 meters altitude on a mountain meadow in the Austrian Alps, near Bramberg am Wildkogel.
In the vicinity you can make walks without having to ascend or descend much.
All around are mountains of over 2000 meters high, across the valley the mountains are almost 3000 meters high. The accommodation is detached on a mountain meadow with a view of high mountains.
Click here to view the location on google maps.

The program starts with dinner on Sunday, August 25, 2024 and ends after breakfast on Friday, August 30, 2024

Mountain hiking
The goal is to experience the world of nature in the mountains, not to descend or ascend as much as possible. However, it is expected that you have experience with hiking in the mountains and have the fitness to ascend and descend up to about 500 meters on not too difficult trails.
The walking program depends on the weather conditions and the ability of the participants.

Food and Drink

Meals are mainly organic and are vegetarian. Depending on the nature of dietary requirements can be taken into account.

Breakfast and dinner will be taken at the accommodation, lunch will often be taken en route.


The price is partly determined how you sleep in the accommodation

The accommodation has:

4 bedrooms with a double bed, 2 mattresses.

1 bedroom with 1 single bed and a bunk bed

1 bedroom with 2 single beds

The price is €500 if you sleep 2 or 3 people in a room

with single beds.

The price per person for a room with 2 single beds is €550,

if you share it with or another person.

If you want to sleep alone in a room with a double bed the price is €650.This option is probably no longer available, unless there are no more participants who want to share a double room with each other.

This includes all meals, coffee tea and non alcoholic drinks in the house

and transportation by cable car or cab.


If you are interested in joining us, please send a message via the contact page.

In preparation for the trip a separate information meeting will take place.